Floral Bomber Jacket by Papercut Patterns

new jacket

I did it.


I said I’d do the Ginger Makes Rigel Bomber January, and I actually got it done, on time, with days to spare. It’s hard not to fangirl hard on Papercut patterns, so this challenge was a natural. I honestly haven’t taken it off much since. In fact, I’m wearing it right now.

rigel bomber

I used a velvet flocked wool from Mood Fabrics, the lining is a habotai silk, also from Mood…the pleather inserts were left over from here…and I ordered the zipper online on etsy. Finding a 14 inch zipper isn’t easy, so I advise you get that notion done quickly …I would have been done sooner but had to wait a week for a zipper. 🙁 I used a rayon knit for the cuffs/collar because I LOVE how it feels…perhaps a little stabilizer in there would have been good, but meh. honestly, I was going for feeeels more than anything else and I dig it.

kinda big

I made a large, because even though I made Papercut pants in medium, sometimes my shoulders make me go up a size, but honestly, I could have made a medium and am planning my next Rigel already in a size medium. It’s kinda big….but that’s ok – this one can be for winter and sweaters and handle bulk.

I also added the 2 inches to the sleeves as everyone seems to say to do…and I’m SO GLAD. The sleeves are perfect. I didn’t take any back off. Call me an ape.

rigel bomber lining

I haven’t taken the pleat out of the back of the lining – and I don’t think I will (also indicative I can go down a size.)


This is super light weight, however between the wool and the silk, it’s doing just right in 55-60 degree Oregon weather right now. That’s the trick with wool and silk, right? So cozy, breathable, amazing.

papercut rigel

My next one, I have a rust/buffed oxblood cotton twill, oxblood ribbing and oxblood rayon lining ready to go….and have to order a zipper…lol. But honestly, I’m ready to go. It’s a fun, fast pattern – really quick gratification. It works great for me because I like to layer in the ever-fickle Pacific Northwest weather. I mickey-moused the shoulder inserts, so the quilted pleather is only 2 pieces instead of 3. I think my next twill version will be solid and a great summer evening weight. I’m not a cardigan person, I’ve realized, and so I might just end up with a half dozen or so of these instead!

oh, I’ve also been eyeballing the Papercut swim pattern…I’ve got a famdamily vacation coming up to Great Wolf Lodge and I need some water-worthy skivvies…are we ready for some high-waisted bottoms? I am! I even have some silver and gold stretch lamĂ©! bwahahaha.

Papercut photo; Soma Pattern
Papercut photo; Soma Pattern