Anansi The Spider Review

Hazel & Alex at Anansi
Hazel & Alex at Anansi

Hazel, Alex and I were lucky enough to go to opening night of Anansi The Spider. There are still four more showings as of today. I highly recommend going as I mention here in my review on Portland Stage Reviews.

I know I gush about the children’s theatre in Portland, but I really have not been disappointed. If you’ve read anything I’ve written or know me, I’m not one to pull punches, so you know it’s just the honest truth I really am continually impressed.

You just can’t deny the looks on those faces, can you? These are children that see all the comic book movies, love Transformers, and laugh at YouTube memes. Pop-culture invades their lives at public school, in media, everywhere you turn…yet they know the theatre is something special. You can see in this photo taken before the performance, they can feel how special it is to go to the theatre and be given live, unique entertainment.

Please, go with your children and see what is out there. Support the art available in your community. You will be surprised at how truly accessible it is and what a great value you’re given.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review of Anansi The Spider! I want to get the review out to Portland Public Schools. Please send copies to: 2339 N. Lombard St. Portland, 97217. Again, thank you, and i’m so happy you and your children had a funky spider gooood time! (Brother Askari)

    1. Thank you Brother Askari! I will let Sabrina of know of your request and ask her permission to do so! I’m sure I will be able to get those out for you today.

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