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Note: I had planned to post this in November however….best laid plans of mice and men and all that….fall colds have postponed this until today. Life doesn’t hold still for dreams and aspirations.

I haven’t posted in awhile but not due to lack of anything to post about. I’ve been cataloging my work to better build my site and dreams. It has been a cathartic process that has allowed me to better organize how I want this site to live out in the world.

It was interesting playing with a blog and experimenting with how to put up my work, but it was time to take a step back and dedicate myself to being more, well, dedicated. The camera on my phone just wasn’t going to cut it, nor was being lackadaisical about my plans. I tend to prefer the self-imposed, obsessive pressure of learning everything I can about a subject and immersing myself until I get it down.

Now that I’m confident in my direction, and self-imposed, obsessive pressure, I’m ready to move forward. I’ve accomplished many of the projects I set out to do in the spring, and many were replaced with things I found to be more fulfilling and appropriate for my time and needs. I still have plenty to explore with parenting and cooking on here, but I see the majority of my time going towards sewing with an emphasis on the economics of fabric, machines, clothes and projects combined with my need to not always follow the rules.

So here’s to finishing off this year with an upswing and to having more fun in 2013!

2012 Bumper Crop of Babies

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