Buying Vs. Sewing aka Gap Guilt

Hey, long time, no see! It certainly isn’t for my lack of sewing! I’m still just as much a slave to my Viking as ever, I’m just not thrilled with my photog set up. But that’s another topic.

I did what I think most moms do around tax return season. Put some money in for car repairs, squirreled a little away for a small vacation, and stocked up on the necessities. You know, like fabric and patterns!

okokok, I’m not at a point in my sewing that I’m interesting in sewing my bras. It’s like…Indian food or sushi…I could learn to make it, but it’s one of those things I’d rather purchase and just enjoy. Well, as much as anyone can enjoy their bra. I’m a VS fan, and stocked up on the usuals, nude, white, black and some obnoxious clearance color.


TMI? Well, there’s a point.

I also got the kids’ undies and camis and such, summer flip flops…a couple sweaters as my knitting isn’t there either…

The part I’m struggling with? I got myself a couple pairs of pants and a pair of jeans.

gap jeanz
gap jeanz

The jeans are really light weight and I like them, but honestly, the pants and the jeans are easy enough for me to make. I haven’t made jeans, per se, but it’s not that far of a stretch. No pun intended.

I try to sew a good balance between clothes and quilts with part of the fun including off-setting our family’s impact on things like this:

cambodia strike
cambodia strike

I’m not looking to go full ‘nola, you know? But when I buy a RTW (ready to wear) and I know I could have made it…I sorta feel like an asshole all the same. I’m never going to be able to make my New Balance shoes, but…yeah. Granted, I work full time, 90% or more of our meals are cooked by yours truly…there are only so many hours in a day to also be the seamstress.

This is my struggle. Reality vs. idealism. Isn’t it everyone’s struggle? Do you struggle with this? Just babbling/venting.

Anyway, I have a pile of fabric and patterns to help offset this more….and a neon-melon colored bra to wear while doing it.

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