Chevron Quilt / Half Square Triangle Pattern

Half Square Triangle

I want to see if this will work.

The link above is a PDF file for an instructional pattern, drawn to scale, for a half square triangle. This is the pattern I used for making the Chevron Baby Quilt and the Disney Chevron Quilt. Sometimes, having a paper visual helps and I’d like to make it easier for people. This needs to be printed on 11×17 paper and when the print dialog box is up, make sure the “Actual Size” is selected. There is a 1-inch scale box to make sure it prints correctly and the grid is drawn to a 1-inch scale as well.

It will look like this (but don’t print this, this is a jpg and won’t print correctly):

half square triangle / Chevron pattern instructions
half square triangle / Chevron pattern instructions

If this helps, works, or if more is needed, please let me know. I can still draw, much to my own surprise, and can make something like this in any size, to scale and to print. I could also add more instruction if there is interest. There are other great tutorials out there on YouTube and such, but sometimes people like to see the paper or have something more tangible.

You will need free Adobe Reader to view the file and I suggest printing from Adobe Reader and NOT from your web browser. Your web browser may or may not add content that will change the size.

Is there a better ratio size or finished size that you’d like to see? More instructions? Email me from my contact page or leave a comment. Thanks!

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