Couture Sewing Techniques

Even before my sewing mojo decided to go on hiatus, I’ve been reading up on couture sewing and fine-tuning techniques. While I fear no fabric or pattern, I could use a bit more finesse and a higher appreciation of the art.

Think of it as your art history classes to your painter (there’s a lot of Catholic shit.) Your typography history to your graphics monkey (Put down the fonts!!!! Back away from the fonts!!!!) Or your computer science classes to your coder (LAN/WAN/SAN anyone?) Self-taught is great, but there’s a point when you want to go from Bachelors to Masters, if you will. Well, ok, I’m not THAT good, maybe from one of those technical institute degrees to a real community college degree? Hahaha.

Couture Sewing Techniques
Couture Sewing Techniques

Anyway, I bought Couture Sewing Techniques on iBooks. I know. This is an Amazon link, no it’s not an affiliate link. I just prefer my iPad right now.

OMG. I love it. I find that marking the tailor marks with thread really IS awesome. I’m not giving up my pens or chalk, but wow. Thread doesn’t fade, stain, iron out…I dig it. It’s fascinating.

Go through the ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon and see if you don’t love the details and explanations.

Don’t get me wrong. You’ll pry my Colette handbook out of my cold, dead hands.


Sarai is the BEST at tutorials. Still if I’m inserting a zipper or need a refresher, I search her blog first and get my fix. Seriously, it’s so well done, and her techniques are usually my favored ways (or become my favored way), that if anyone questions her techniques in the comments, I actually take it personally. Like, HOW COULD YOU QUESTION SARAI? SHE’S THE BEST!

Yes. Really. No, I don’t know her. No, there’s no restraining order.

And I still dig my Burda Style book. It’s excellent at reminding me, no, I DON’T have to follow your pattern! I can just cut this off here and insert this here! Yeah! So there!

I got a few others too that if they’re as addicting, I’ll let you know. But right now, this is where I’m at….Becky Jo Mojo Camp.

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