Crafts Spring 2012

This is my to-do list of crafts for Spring 2012.

With kids:

  • Crayon Stained Glass
  • Salt Dough Ornaments
  • Painted Frames
  • Cupcakes!!!

Just me:

  • Best Lemon Bars from My 30 Spot
  • These Best Cloches from Aesthetic Nest – I have enough Lily cotton yarn to make a dozen…however, I won’t. Just enough for Zoe and Hazel!
  • Something finished for the master bed…I’m not sure what I’ll be able to fit in. I’d like to cover the cheap duvet I bought with a better fabric or maybe finish the simple square quilt I have started – either one will take more investment in fabric – we shall see. I’m also distracted by chenille blankets such as this one and this one but that would require even MORE fabric and I just can’t justify the purchases at this time let alone the time required for each whim!
  • Some clothes – I have some cute patterns and want to sew some summer clothes for the kids. Fingers crossed!
Started cloche #1

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