DIY Cheap Baby Clothes Series – A Little Upcycle

People who sew are packrats. We save old clothes and you can’t throw those shredded jeans out and I can use that nasty old single sock for something and…ok, maybe not that last one in my house but I’ve seen it happen.

In this lovely pile are a few things that are 4 years old or more. In it is also a decent quality kids’ pattern knit remnant I picked up at Joann’s. I always scan the remnant bins at Joann’s for fusibles, muslins, knits, ridiculously impractical flowy things for dress up bins and to practice on…because each remnant is 50% off current price. I say decent quality because it has a pretty good thickness/sturdiness to it.

Fruits N Flowers
Fruits N Flowers

I don’t recall exactly how much I got it for, but it was only a 3/4 yard, and the fabric is called Fruits N Flowers still at Joann’s…so the MAX I could have paid was $4.86 ((3/4 of 12.99) / 50%).

I sliced up an old nightgown of Hazel’s from a few years ago for the 2″ binding that I would need. The nightgown was from Old Navy and held up pretty well but more importantly it’s really cute cut at an angle and serged with a cream thread.

Hazel"s Old PJs
Hazel’s Old PJs

So, there you go, I “upcycled” an old cheap nightgown! Haha. See, there’s a good reason we’re packrats….eventually.

Finally, I used all the same patterns and steps from the last DIY baby clothes post and voila! Cuteness!

Baby Outfit w Upcycle
Baby Outfit w Upcycle

Here is the outfit in action at Hopworks Urban Brewery for a lunch date with other ladies and their babies.

Zoe at HUB
Zoe at HUB

Then after lunch, drinking a bottle before nap-time, doing her best Kanye impression…

I'ma Letchu Finish
I’ma Letchu Finish

Now, here’s a little secret. I actually made this one first….it’s true. It was my test run. On the previous post with the next sets…I adjusted the neckline a bit to tighten it up and lengthened to cover the tummy area for these times when the Kanye urge strikes. All the rest will be in order.

Ok, money. I forgot in my last post about elastic for waistbands. I buy my elastic in bulk from Dove. I use about 20″ at a time for the baby and about 24″ at a time for the bigger kids…so 12 yards = 432 inches. I don’t recall, but even if it was $20 total with shipping, $20/432< $0.05 per inch. I’d say it averages out to about an extra $1 per pants/skirt. Obviously does not apply to shirts.

This was 2 garments at $4.86+$1=$2.93 each.

Next up….that leftover fabric from first post made into binding…and some fabric that reminds me of Sparkle Motion….

Roll of Binding
Roll of Binding

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