Fake Buddha Quote Is My Dogma

I was scrolling through my Zulily email to look at crap I’ll put in my checkout basket but never ultimately buy…and I found one of those inspirational quote-art-bullshit sections.

Have you watched Fargo, the series? Did you notice all those inspirational quotes in the background before Lester killed his wife with a hammer?

Pearl Nygaard's kitchen
Pearl Nygaard’s kitchen
No More Pearl
No More Pearl

Yeah – that’s normally my feelings on them.

So, anyway, Zulily often has a bunch of this crap, and one struck me….and it’s a total bullshit fake Buddha quote, but it’s also going to be my New Year’s resolution.

fake buddha
fake Buddha

It’s right up there with the fake Abraham Lincoln tweets, or Mark Twain quotes….but it resides somewhere in truth…extremely over simplified truth. Which works for me.

Not that it’s ever rational to justify bullshit on the internet with other bullshit on the internet, but I’ll leave the responsibility to this site in trying to clarify origins.


Point is…it’s a good quote reminder for “Becky, chill.” And that’s what 2015 is…Becky, chill.

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