When You Have A Friend Like Sabrina, You Say Yes

I am so very lucky to know Sabrina, the owner/editor, of Portland Stage Reviews. She’s a great friend, a wealth of knowledge and I am convinced just about everyone in Portland loves her from running into her in some capacity or another. Between her WordPress skills, her theatre expertise, her Timbers Army crew and her extensive podcasting – she’s a woman of many talents.

So when you have a friend like Sabrina and she asks you if you wouldn’t mind maybe once a month taking your kids to the theatre and writing up a review….you jump up and down and say “yes!!” Actually, what I really told her was, “Ok, but I think I’m getting the better end of this deal.”

Before the holidays, my 8 year old daughter and I went to see Pinkalicious and we had an amazing time.

Yesterday, the 8 year old, the 7 year old and I went to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe put on by the Oregon Children’s Theatre Company. My review was posted this morning.

At the price of movies these days, it’s not that much more to take the family to the theatre plus the theatre is such a bigger experience in my opinion.

Sabrina and her team take the time to go see and review what is happening in Portland, and sometimes what is traveling through that might also be in other towns. I recommend reading an honest opinion and taking an adventure to the theatre.

Hazel & Alex at OCTC
Hazel & Alex at OCTC

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  1. Aww – this made me speechless! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I am so glad that you and the kids had a great time and I’m excited for you all to see more shows! Stinky Cheese Man is next for OCT!

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