How To Get Pins Through Multi-Layers

Getting pins through layers of corduroy for pants or layers of batting and cotton for quilting takes some effort, but not quite as much as when going through Pellon/stabilizers and layers of fabric. I use a trick my mother taught me years ago when diapering my little brothers in cloth diapers and I thought I’d share.

Not the part about cloth diapering my brothers. Not that they’d care – but you might.

Sticky Pins
easy pins

If you’re finding that the pins are NOT gliding through the fabric with ease, take the pin, run it through your hair close to your scalp, and try again. Some cloth diapering people keep pins in soap, but that’s such a bother for sewing. It sounds sorta weird, but trust me. It does just enough to glide through the thickest of bundles.

And there you go. Again, my mom is amazing.

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