I’m Not Staring At You

If you find me strangely looking at you …it’s not you. I’m probably stuck on a seam.

If I find a piece of clothing I like…even if it’s currently on someone, sometimes I will stare at it and mentally deconstruct it.

No, I’m not undressing you with my eyes…I’m just taking apart your clothes.

I’ve even been known to feel other people clothes to see what kind of fabric it is or flip up the sides to see the seams.

I was looking at my 18 year old’s stepsister this weekend. She had the cutest dolman sleeve top on. The way the sleeves were set in the side and up to the neckline fascinated me. I just kept staring at her. Well, at her shoulder/armpit area. I’m sure it looked like I was creeping on a teenage girl if anyone were to see me and not know any of us. Luckily she knows me and, well, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. In fact, I just called up and left her a message for when she gets home from school so she can tell me where she got the shirt.

I need to take her shirt apart some more.

PS: She called me back. It’s H.I.P. at Nordstrom but of course it’s no longer in stock. Boo. She will have to donate it to me when she’s done with it so I can draft a pattern from it.

Not The Dolman I'm Looking For
Not The Dolman I’m Looking For – Also Nordstrom.com

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