Las Señoritas from Alexander Henry Fabrics Butterick: B5526

I’m beyond happy with this shirt. I know I’ve had a lot of angst regarding Big 4 patterns, but this Butterick B5526 has been an exception. I first saw it on Lauren’s blog, and ran out and bought it, then re-purchased it…only to find out now I probably could have just used the original purchase…whatevs.

This time I edited the pattern with my Lazy FBA ™ edits: Right now I have a size 16 cut, although I’m confident in Big 4 Ease that I can cut a 14 or even a 12 if I must. Anyway, cut a 16, added an inch in length above the natural waist line to adjust for my height, graded in to a <14 at the waist across all pieces, all of which is no small fete as it’s princess seamed front and back, plus has button plackets, collar stand, and collar. The only piece I haven’t changed yet is the sleeves, and I’m still thinking I need to take those down to at least 14, and decrease the armscye at the armpit. So, keeping the bust at a 16 more than accommodates my bust, and leaving the hips at 16 allows the length to easily glide over my mom-hips.

This is an older Alexander Henry quilting cotton called Las Señoritas in the “antique” colorway. Are you pro team apparel with quilting cottons or against it? I’m all for it – quality quilting cotton is tough and who can deny the Alexander Henry novelty prints?

However, I was only gifted 2 yards by a much more petite friend, and at only 45 inches wide before washing…some tough choices had to be made. I had to split the collar pattern piece, I made sure I got some good top-back placement, but pretty much all other placement had to come out how it came out. There wasn’t going to be any pattern matching with a huge print across princess seams with only 2 yards.

The gingham, which I love, was also out of necessity.

I placed buttons only 2 1/2″ apart, which allows for a lower neckline if I choose, and no way of any boob flashing while gardening, which I fully intend to do in this shirt come spring.

3/4 sleeves also due to necessity, but also because they go with the vintage feel of the print.

I used to be TOWER PLACKET on the cuff or GTFO, but I’m digging the bias placket lately, and I made tiny cuffs, both out of necessity and because they’re so darn cute. I was going to originally make this a rolled-up sleeve-only, but I’m glad I put in the extra effort on the sleeves. I really like them, and I love them with my vintage bakelite.

I’m so happy with this shirt, I have two more cut out.

oh, I forgot to take photos with the good camera – here’s some iPhone shots. The insides! On this shirt, I sort of fake flat-felled seamed it. I overlock all the seams, then stop-stitch at a distance that looks flat-felled.

Sturdy & neat. I pinked & top-stitched my first wearable muslin version, but now that I’ve made my adjustments, I put a bit more effort into it.

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  1. Your shirt is a FIESTA OF RADNESS! I am all heart eyes for it.

    I especially like your undercollar and placket gingham. I don’t care if they were out of necessity; they are S-M-R-T design decisions.

    I also agree with your assessment RE: sleeve size. I think they’re a touch too voluminous.

    But this shirt is just muy excellente. Well done!

    1. ah, thank you. It’s so nice having another person in the tribe look at the sleeves and know what I mean, + validate my concerns about it. I think adding some fabric to the armscye to make it smaller on the back side + slimming the sleeve will reduce the pull in the back as well as make it fit better/look better.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog after surfing a few #sewingtop5 posts and love your style. This shirt is a stunner, and it suits you perfectly! I’ve had this pattern sitting near the top of the to-make pile for a while now, and although it’s now going to have to wait until after I’ve popped this sprog, I’m even more excited to get going after seeing your version of it.

    Not sure if I’m generally team quilting cotton as I do like sewing with knits, but I have a major weakness for these Alexander Henry prints 🙂

    1. 1. I’m so glad to see someone with the same middle name! 2. The princess seams make the customized sizing more work, but better/more easily distributed so it looks tailored with efficient effort. 3. Babies. Sigh. I had my 4th and final almost 6 years ago. They throw #2 out the window for a bit! 😀 Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

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