Pantone Color of the Year Rant

Ok, I’m going to try to get this out of my system once and for all.

Pantone has somehow convinced y’all they’ve always been some fashion leader. Kudos to their marketing department for that coup de grâce.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Pantone! I’ve owned many Pantone color books over the years. Yes, Pantone color books. For printing. It’s this thing we used to do. We used to design on our huge desktop computers for print. One would tell the printer the colors chosen by using a Pantone books so they could match the colors. You know, CMYK and all that. This was a big deal for things like Annual Reports and brochures for mail that goes to a real mailbox.

But Pantone was not fashion forward. The fashion world would always be at least a year ahead of your Pantone book. This is why you can color mix yourself in PhotoShop and Illustrator…if anything, we in the design world would wait for Adidas or NIKE to announce the coming season’s fashion colors because they were the ones pushing the fashion color envelope. NOT Pantone. I once used a metallic burnt orange ink with blue on an annual report 3 years after Audi made the color popular on their A4. Not really fashion forward.

The absurdity would make me laugh if it wasn’t for the fact that Pantone has rewritten their history in the fashion world and you all bought it, hook, line and emerald green sinker.

Pantone Color of The Year
Pantone Color of The Year

5 Replies to “Pantone Color of the Year Rant”

  1. Interesting! Never knew that. I had also heard that emerald green was their colour choice for the year, but a trip through our big mall this weekend showed a TON of pale aqua. LOL.

    1. yeah, I think teals, corals, yellows will still all be popular. it’s a revamp of 80s pastel all around. that just means primaries are next…or jewel tones…there’s always a backlash. le sigh.

      Pantone is perfectly positioned to have the color data to make this statement and now that it’s a digital world, they’re more timely…but it’s utter BS that they’ve always been ahead of the curve.

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