Papercut Ooh La Leggings x2


I bought this pattern FOREVER AGO with the best of intentions. Like almost a year ago. OMG.

Recently I got side-lined by the doctor. He said I don’t stretch enough (BORING) and that I needed to take 14 days off with icing my Achilles tendon 3x a day and take a buttload of Aleve and wear orthopedic inserts and OMG I don’t like getting old. I got this prognosis during the holiday glutton fest AND had to turn 40 during this! I get it, it beats the alternative. yeah, yeah. I’m not dead. BUT WAHHHH!

What to do but get out the yards and yards of Joann’s dri-fit crap I bought almost a year ago, my Papercut Ooh La Leggings and make myself new clothes for when I can move again – lemons, lemonade and all that. I was going to also make a Vogue pair of leggings, but, uh, that pattern was donated to the dumpster. Very cathartic, BTW, chucking that Vogue mess.

okokok – here’s me in pants tighter than you ever needed to know about! woohoo!


Belly shot to show I used a 1.25 inch “sport elastic” with the channels you can sew in – it’s called “Stretchrite” and I think I got this 25 yard roll on either Amazon or Dove Trims. I wrapped the top of the waist band by a 1/4 inch, stitched in first channel, wrapped it again, and stitched down….no rolling, no shifting.


Side shot. I sewed a medium. I probably could have gone up a size but I’d rather stress the spandex/lycra than have baggy leggings butt. EW.


This gray Joann’s isn’t as see-through as the green (below) but you can still see the tag of my underwear through my pants. They’re not lewd, but they’re not forgiving either. In fact, the pattern really helps, I think. I’m going to look for some better quality now that I know I love the pattern.

Ankle shot – I left the full length of the original pattern. I like the extra fabric to go over my ankles or to tuck in my socks.


In fact, I’m wearing these green ones right now. I love them.


it is easy to be green

These green ones are fun….but I can NOT wear black undies with them. Just that little bit of lighter shade is a little bit see-through.

hellacopters ftw

One must have motivational music to go with motivational pants. I got me and my man Hellacopters t-shirts for Christmas. I’m so romantic.

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