Paprika Patterns : JASPER DRESS

Paprika Patterns JASPER DRESS

Little bit of a cheat here. I’ve been wearing this every second I can for the last month. I couldn’t believe it was true. It’s SO GOOD.


This is the Paprika Patterns : Jasper Dress. We’re having an “Indian Summer” here in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s been unusually warm and I’ve actually been complaining because I want to wear this dress more. I wish I was being superfluous, but I’m not. I love it.

Paprika Jasper Dress

This is just a Joann’s fleece with a floral emboss thing going on. I didn’t want to make out of anything too expensive in case I was disappointed.

Paprika Jasper Dress

But check that out. It actually fits my shoulders, and I love the sleeve length. I made ZERO size adjustments. The only thing I did differently was topstitch a lot of the seams down, as is my preference. That was it.

Paprika Jasper Dress

The pocket tutorial online is this sort of crazy mental gymnastics, and you just gotta trust the tutorial and do as she says. It’s not impossible to picture, I think mostly because the instructions are really that good, but those ARE welt openings on an enclosed kangaroo pocket. It takes some doin’. The pockets add like half the time it takes to make the dress, but so very worth it.

Paprika Jasper Dress

I may go down a size or two, and grade back to that glorious shoulder width and be a bit more mindful during my topstitching as it was kind of a whim during construction and I could do better…but I really have no complaints about the pattern itself, only my execution and aren’t we all our own worst critics? The pattern is perfection. Now, come on PNW and rain already!!!

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  1. Okay, that is seriously the most smashing outfit ever. The dress itself is fabulous but it’s what you put with it – the leggings, the shoes, the beret — that make it perfect. Wow!!

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