Seamwork Patterns : AKITA BLOUSE


Photo-heavy post alert! I busted out 3 of these Akita shirts for my quick trip to NYC last week. Super easy stash buster and wardrobe ‘capsule’ filler. Got that weird long-side of fabric left? Akita! Got a yard or so from a remnant pile? Split the shoulder and Akita!

Akita is now a verb. You just Akita that stash.

Akita 2

This is a Joann’s rayon I bought on impulse because, well, rayon is easy, breezy, beautiful and this pattern is not so crazy that even I can handle it. Mostly. It’s boarder line Yuma, but I say that about everything that isn’t solid black/gray scale.

seamwork akita

I totally had enough fabric to pattern match, so I split the pattern at the shoulder to do it, but in my need to bust out 3 shirts, I went too fast and just counted to one of the line repeats…without realizing some repeat twice, out of sequence…so, yeah. WHATEVER.

And I don’t wear it untucked…cuz YUMA, AZ RETIREMENT HOME.

Akita cowl neck

Also awesome thing about rayon: instant cowl neck. Took leftover length, sewed it all together, and bam. Office wear.

work mode

Hmmm. I may have to rethink that belt. And I look a little sales monkey. I AM NOT IN SALES. totally real estate agent….too bad I’m WAY too socially inept for that.

sales monkey

Ok, enough self-deprecation for THAT version, let’s start on the next. This is the same cotton/linen as my tunic, just another colorway. I got a smaller amount on the same clearance sale, so I went all AKITA on it.

Akita Blue

These are all a size 10. I *almost* cut an 8, but then I remembered my Osaka and how calories don’t count on vacation/holidays and fall layering anyway…

akita blue

Then I had some mystery silk in some basement-donation box my mom picked up for me – I machine washed it ruthlessly so I could abuse it as a tank or shell, and then AKITA!

Akita black silk

It’s ridiculously wrinkled, but let me impress you with my blazer collection…I’ve actually cut back in recent years. Check it out. Velvet and paisley.

AKITA with paisley velvet blazer

How YOU doin’?


ha. so yeah…AKITA FTW! All French seamed, all quick, great dart placement, for me anyway, and great stash buster. and I’m a dork.


5 Replies to “Seamwork Patterns : AKITA BLOUSE”

  1. I love every word of this post. The new verb… Akita, is perfect! I may try this top now because I will feel like a bad ass if I could Akita my stash. You are darling in these pictures and I am a fan.

  2. FOR REAL THO, your blazer collection! It’s on point! It’s amazing how different these look on their own vs. under a blazer. Total wardrobe workhorses!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I used to have a career/own office kind of job, and had to dress more grown up. I got rid of most of my suits, but kept a few favorites!

  3. WOW, 3!? It’s funny how the same pattern looks so different according to the fabric you use. From casual t-shirt to a kind of drapey blouse in the bottom picture. I love it! (all three of them that is)

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