Sewing Is Now Electronic!!

…And fabric crocks! Who knew?

I picked up some green sparkly knit fabric for a project and as I checked the label, this is what I found:

Fabric May Crock
Fabric May Crock

It’s cotton. I get that. It’s made in China, so who knows what will happen when you wash it; you should probably handle it as if it came from Tiffany’s. Ok. I will take that risk. It may bleed…duh. But it may “crock”….??? WTF?? So…it’s going to turn into pickles? It’s going to make me a nice roast dinner? It’s going to go to shit? Ah, probably that last one. Good thing I didn’t pay full price.

(UPDATE: I should note here, after seeing google searches, crocking means the color may wear off…as in, for the case of this sparkly knit, the sparkly was ‘printed’ on top and may rub off in the wash or on my hands as I sew it-and it did… “crock” is a real term, I’m just incredibly sarcastic.)

But that’s not all. Did you know that sewing is just now hitting the electronic revolution? Oh yes, it’s true. It has actually gone…..electronic!!!

Modern Serger
Modern Serger

Yup. That’s my serger. It’s not even that old, but it’s super modern! It’s electronic! What the hell else is it going to be? Hamster controlled? Brain controlled? I think my next serger will be a treadle. Or maybe I should really ‘unplug’ and just use the hand-crank. Yeah. It’s a bit blurry, so you can’t really see that to the left of Electronic is the little atomic symbol. Janome‘s marketing straight from the 50s: MyLock – Madmen Edition.

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