A Different Take on Butterick B5526

Another B5526, but this time I did the ruffle placket and collar. This is my 4th…version. My 3rd will probably never see the light of day….I made a leopard print version, and quickly remembered: I don’t wear animal prints. I look like a Flintstone in animal print. Does. Not. Work. On. Me.

I did not slim down the sleeves as this was already cut out, but the poofier sleeves work with the ruffles on this lightweight, ditzy floral, tiny corduroy I picked up at Jo-Ann’s Fabric last fall.

I only had enough matching buttons for the placket as I put 10 buttons down the front to keep them really close (2.5″ apart) and more fussy/Victorian-y, so I put gray-pearl buttons on the cuffs. Not enough ruffles for the cuffs, so cuffs are standard.

In fact, the whole ruffle thing was done on-the-fly. I didn’t have enough fabric leftover to do the proper swirl-cut bias ruffle, so I just used my ruffle foot on some strips and winged-it.

Whatevs. It works in a pinch and I’ve already worn it a ton.

I think I need a super high waist pencil skirt. Where I need to wear a pencil skirt, I have no idea, but just go with it. Humor me. And ignore my winter-messy yard. I was tired of indoor shots.

I know everyone is channeling 70s right now, but I’m all about 80s. 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan, 1986 Jennifer Grey, Duran Duran & Depeche Mode, Brat Pack. Big fried hair. Mix of boxy and weirdly tight-high neck-Victorian mash up of the 80s. I didn’t like the 50s resurgence that happened, so I’ll skip that part. I look stupid in Wayfarers – much like animal print.

Anyway, back to the shirt. I still want to slim down the back lower armscye there, but that will have to wait. I have other things I want to play with for awhile.

What else – Oh, I bias-faced the hem this time. On the fly as well….which made putting on the button placket kind of funny as I didn’t account for the extra length the bias hem would create, but it worked out fine. The collar stand covered up the gap that was still there after I reduced seam allowance – YAY for Big 4’s giant seam allowances! Also, skipped all interfacing as it’s still corduroy and would have resulted in ridiculously thick bits.

This is a fun shirt and all, and very winter-friendly, but I’m ready for spring sewing already. How about you??