Ordering Online Part 1

Due to my busy life and time constraints, I like to order things online. It’s easier to browse in the evening on my tablet or laptop during lunch than to cart bored kids into a fabric store or craft store and actually come out with fabric I need instead of a box of 25 foam craft frames. The grocery store is a mad house with kids, every other person trying to rush in and out between work and home, and weekends are just pure misery.

I recently restarted my Organics To You service to keep fresh vegetables and fruits in the house. This also keeps my cooking fresh and adventurous as I have to find creative ways to cook things like fava beans, chard, kale and it keeps the kids happy as they have a continuous variety of fruit to snack on. This way I only have to go to the grocery store to stock up on dairy, meat and bread type items.

Organics To You sampling

If, say, I decide I no longer want fava beans, or come this fall, turnips, I can simple go online to my account and ask to have those omitted. If I need to skip an order or move my order to every-other-week, that’s an option as well. It’s quite convenient and completely without the hassle of the grocery store. It’s like the farmer’s market is delivered to me personally in this nice, jam-packed box that contains way more than I could get for the same price at the store or farmer’s market. I love it.

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