Papercut Patterns: ANIMA PANT

Papercut Patterns Anima Pants

This is a decidedly anti-glamour post. This is real life 70% of my waking time. The Mom Uniform – worn way too often if I’m honest. See me out at Trader Joe’s or in the school pick-up line? This is what you’re going to see. I’m blessed enough to work-from-home a lot of the time, so my office attire section of the closet is dwindling in favor of “Athleisure” attire. Everything must be washable and preferably multi-functional. I’m ok with this…at least the washable part…but this fall/winter season will see the introduction of more feminine yet versatile pieces…much like that Butterick shirt and I’m going to tackle trousers in earnest.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant

Anyway, future plans aside, this is actually my 4th pair of Papercut Anima pants….5th if you count a pair of shorts. I’ve made 2 pairs of knee length, a pair of shorts out of a woven Pendelton cotton by adding in ease, and a pair of pants made from a Girl Charlee knit that had no stretch so ended up going to my Tween.  She doesn’t have full-blown hips yet and can wear them without busting the seams. I wish ALL pants were so easy as these.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pants

I love my knickers and shorts versions, but I do tend to show some plumber’s crack when I bent over. I had sort of a “duh” moment when altering my Papercut Coppelia pattern, and decided to add 2 inches to the crotch length, right below the pocket, but above the crotch curve, more or less. See, these are a size Medium, and I didn’t want to add any ease…but I didn’t want to be x-rated either if I bent over to pick up a rogue Lego.

Papercut Patterns Anima Pants

Ta-da! Full mom butt/muffin-top coverage! These are so comfy…I think I’ll toss my old ones…or give to the tween, and make some new ones for me….I spotted some blue French Terry when I was at Mood that I dig, but I’m really dreaming of velvet. shhhh!

I was out of twill tape, so used some Moda Fabrics fat quarter stack twill ribbon! lolz. Also…I’m digging the control and finesse of using my Viking on the knits more than my serger lately. Ah, how the pendulum swings, no?

Papercut Patterns Anima Pant

This is leftover fabric from the Coppelia, and it is so very comfy. The ever so hilarious husband-unit made me promise that I won’t wear them together.

The pockets on this pattern are superb, but what’s the deal with faux-fly? For reals. I’m putting a faux-fly on knit pants…..that have an obvi drawstring ON TOP of elastic and elasticized ankles. Who am I trying to fool here? That’s an extra 10 minutes or so of sewing and fiddling …to be a dork and have a faux-fly on knit pants? WORSE: why have I not questioned it until now?

And future pants…I think I’m not ready to re-tackle my Clover pattern. I seriously remade those things 4 times and STILL split the ass wide open while at Costco. Not even joking. There’s some sort of life-lesson-symbolism there I’m sure.

I’ve got a McCalls pattern which I LOVE the envelope styling but I fear Big 4 sizing/directions/QC, I’ve been devouring the pants classes on Craftsy in addition to the Sandra/Vogue patterns that came with, but I’m thinking about buying the Thurlow pattern…I’m just really shell-shocked from mooning all of Costco. I’m leaning towards the McCalls pattern – I wouldn’t sew the welt pockets on the Thurlow anyway, and if I screw it up, I can just buy the Thurlow.

Opinions? Cheer leading? Therapy?



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