Cheap and Easy Nightgowns


My mom picks up crafty stuff for the kids and me on a regular basis – this crafty, sewing thing…we all enable each other, don’t we?

Recently, she found a Cricut on sale and some t-shirts at Michael’s. Pretty cool, huh? I have the best mom.

I played around with the Cricut and I’m really digging the iron-on vinyl. I made a bunch of t-shirts for the tweens, but a few of the shirts were too small for the tweens, and too big for the toddler. These were Youth Small.


Enter: Pinterest.

First, I ironed on some cute designs….I don’t suppose it matters what order this is done in….if at all.


Then, I cut 2 inch slits around the collar.


I found plenty of photo tutorials on Pinterest on how to ‘braid’ these together but just looping them through like crochet.

I pinned it at the shoulders to hold it:


Then tacked it down with the machine – it does have to survive a toddler after all.



Then, to shorten the sleeve size and give it shape, I clipped the sleeves at the shoulders to make gathers, thus shrinking the arm-holes, and sliced little dress-shaped-curves into the sides:



This was done without measuring or fussing of any kind. EASY is the name of the game here people. When you have kids, job, house….making couture nightshirts is NOT on the list, amirite? We are doing easy, crafty, ego boosting things and saving the labor intensive stuff for where it matters. Like for mom. 😀

anywhoo, I put pins in for the photo – or I normally wouldn’t have even put in that much effort.


A couple quick passes through the sewing machine and DONE.


Also works for Play-Doh:


Sometimes, Cheap and Easy is the way to go.

Speaking of cheap and easy, I’d like to thank the people of Pinterest and all those gawd-awful-but-still-wonderful t-shirt hacks by those who missed beaded fringe t-shirts on California piers in the 80s…they came in handy. Huntington Beach, I love you and long live Diamond Dave!


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