Quilting and Sewing Design Board

I finally did it. I put up a design board.

Lone Feather
Lone Feather

Okay, I bought a staple gun and 2 yards of 108-inch quilt backing flannel and stapled it to a wall. After putting it up, I wondered with the amount of gray I use in sewing (or am going to use since I bought so much), if gray was a good idea….

A - Feather
A – Feather

I don’t care. I love it. We have one, long, continuous white wall, and this is now taking up 72 inches by 108 inches of that space right in the middle. It’s great.

I was a bit worried that not using the batting-wall method would backfire in that maybe the flannel alone wouldn’t grab enough, but here it is holding up one of the Laurel dresses I’m working on just fine. I was considering putting up foam-core wrapped in batting, then wrapped in flannel…but I like the cheap and easy method better…for now anyway.

Laurel In Progress
Laurel In Progress

These photos show the wrinkles in it a bit more than in real life, and gravity will take care of the rest. I pre-washed the flannel so the threads would ‘bloom’ aka get fuzzy and then projects would stick better. Just think…even if you’re not a sewing crazy obsessed nutcase like me, and you wanted to DIY cover a wall in a non-committal way but didn’t want to deal with the mess of use the starch method, this would work great. This would be great for a rental or apartment or even just a small panel of cute flannel for a kid’s room!!

I got the fabric online at Fabric.com. This sea foam green and this natural color are great too. Maybe I’ll just cover the whole place in design boards….at an average about $10 a yard….and each yard is more than double the width of a normal yard of even ‘home fabrics,’ it’s a steal. seriously – this giant piece was under $20. If one wanted to be fancy or fussy, it could easily be framed and made a bit more formal. (alliteration FTW)

And look – it’s my avant-garde art wall…

My Gallery
My Gallery

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  1. Awesome! I was able to find a kingsize flannel sheet on a good deal… I too just stapled mine to the wall. I do use pins to hold up heavier items. I am not going to enjoy seeing the scratch marks across the wall when/if I ever take it down. SOOO worth it though!

    Love your projects!

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